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Unique (And Sometimes Dangerous) Religious Rituals Around the World

dangerous religious rituals from around the world

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see of global religion and culture, Simone Cannon de Bastardo shows you how far the faithful are willing to go to show their devotion (think extreme body-piercing, and wearing gloves with venomous ants inside).

“Throughout the world, believers adhere to practices that strike outsiders as bizarre, but seem completely reasonable to the faithful. The religions most familiar to westerners, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have their fair share of  unusual rituals, too: simulating the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood (Communion),  performing surgical procedures on infants and children (Bris, Khitān), and attempting to restore sight and hearing solely by touch (Faith Healing).

Piercing your body with hooks as a sign of devotion, tossing a baby from the top of the tower to make him healthier, and having your car blessed with holy water and flowers may sound strange (and dangerous), but who’s to say they’re any weirder than the religious rituals we’ve come to accept at home?.”


An India Guide for Female Travelers

A Guide to India for Female Travelers

India can show you its best and worst sides in the same breath. From stunning scenery to smelly streets, it’s not difficult to form a love/hate relationship with this amazing country. We’re not going to fib, either, this amazing country can even more challenging and rewarding for solo female travelers. Fortunately for female travelers, Jo Fitzsimons is ready with her best tips for staying safe and enjoying your time in India a Girl’s Guide to India.

“If it’s possible to be passionately in love with a country, yet hate it at the same time, then I have that relationship with India. From the grimy streets and incessant catcalls in Paharganj, Delhi’s backpacker central, to memorable nights under the stars in the desert near Jaisalmer, I couldn’t garner my thoughts into a collective emotion from one minute to the next during my trip around India. Spending ten hot hours cramped in a train carriage, three people to a single seat, sipping on unspeakably delicious chai tea I found India both tough and rewarding in the same breath.”


How Millennials Are Finding Purpose (and a Better Life) in Guatemala

Is moving abroad the answer to Millennials’ woes? Jenn Miller and some millennials she knows in Guatemala share their insights on the challenges millennials face worldwide, and why relocating to Guatemala might be just the ticket to overcoming them.

Millennials are getting a bad rap…They’re accused widely of being entitled, lazy, shiftless and making no account of themselves…There’s no one answer to the woes of the Millennial generation, but there is one solution that is as time-honored as Mark Twain’s classic, The Innocents Abroad: travel. One of the things that has percolated into my consciousness over a years-long love affair with Guatemala is the number of Millennials who are living there. The question is why?”


8 Ways to Cut Costs on Your RTW

save $ for travel cutting costs

When taking any trip – but particularly  an around the world trip – finding ways to cut costs means  traveling longer. Adam Seper offers eight ways you can dramatically reduce your expenses while traveling long-term.

“When traveling RTW, money is the one factor that determines how long you travel for, where you visit, and how fast you move on. Budgeting for a trip of this magnitude is difficult, challenging, and frustrating, and if you are traveling with another person, it quickly becomes the most discussed topic before, during, and after your trip…When taking a RTW trip, trying to find ways to cut corners on your spending is a daily challenge. Finding free and cheap things to eat, places to stay, and no-cost activities to take part in is a victory for the RTW traveler.”

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