Author: Sean Keener

UsingMiles: Travel Innovation Summit

Company Name: UsingMiles
Official Website:

What do they do?
UsingMiles is the only website that allows you to manage, search, and book travel using your frequent flier miles and hotel points for free. UsingMiles works for dozens of airlines and several hotels right now. Loyalty programs from rental car companies and credit cards are coming soon.
Are they a business-to-business (B2B) company, or business-to-consumer (B2C)? B2C
Founder(s): Krista and Austin

Presentation Notes:
Frequent flier accounts are like bank accounts, yet many people allow the miles expire, essentially throwing money away. Over 180 million people around the world have frequent flier miles; most belong to as many as seven programs. There are 20 trillion outstanding frequent flier miles right now, the equivalent of millions of dollars in rewards. UsingMiles allows users to manage all their accounts, see the balance and status of each account (so they don’t lose miles) and – uniquely – allows them to search for flights across all of their programs at once. The search also compares the value of the miles to the value of the cash, and tells you if it’s a better value to book with your miles or to buy the tickets with cash.
Why should/shouldn’t travelers care?
Travelers who belong to multiple frequent flier programs may find the UsingMiles site to be very helpful in managing those accounts, and to an event greater extent, help them find flights that they can book using those mile. The ability to compare the cash to miles value is especially useful.