Voyavo: Travel Innovation Summit

Company Name: Voyavo

Official Website: http://voyavo.com/

What do they do?

Search tool that adds flights, hotels, cars, and activities right from search to your itinerary, creates one trip itinerary that users can share with others, organizes multiple details in one place and offers a map view of your trip.

Are they a business-to-business (B2B) company, or business-to-consumer (B2C)? B2C

Date Founded: 2007

Presentation Notes:
Voyavo allows user to build multiple and flexible itineraries that include hotels, trains, vacation rentals, taxis, and things to do. The listings for things to do incorporate user-generated content like blog posts, videos, reviews, and FourSquare check-ins, allowing users to get a more accurate picture of how others feel about that attraction.  After users create an itinerary, they can view it in map or calendar form, post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz, or send to friends, who can then comment on the itinerary. The finalized itineraries include directions from place to place, and can be viewed from smartphones, allowing users to take their itineraries on the go.

Why should/shouldn’t travelers care?
Voyavo looks like a handy tool for planning a trip with friends, allowing users to create and share itineraries without having to send multiple emails back and forth. Similar to TripIt, the site also consolidates all your travel information in one place, eliminating the need to save multiple confirmation emails. The main difference from TripIt seems to be the social aspect, and the added value of being able to see online reviews and other user-generated content about a hotel or activity all in one place, before you book.

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