What is a Movie that Inspired You to Travel?

What inspires you to travel? Is it a book you’ve recently read, a movie that you saw, or maybe a photo that caught your eye on social media? In an uncertain economy, movies are the perfect escape and allow us to day dream of destinations. Sometimes , you walk into the movie theatre and expect one thing, but leave with the sudden urge to pack your bags and leave to see those incredibly sceneries in person.

Two of the most popular movies that inspire travel are Seven Years in Tibet, based on a book written by Austrian Heinrich Harrer, which describes mountain climbing in extreme conditions at the time when Tibet was taken over by China; and Amelie, a movie set in Paris, featuring a young waitress who tries to spread joy to the people who surround her.

What’s a movie that has inspired you to travel?

I must admit that The Sound of Music was one of the first movies that inspired me to travel. I saw it when I was little, and it wasn’t until I turned 27 that I actually made it to Austria, but every time I think of Salzburg I cannot help but hear Do,Re,Mi in my head. More recently, Mamma Mia practically made me e-mail someone in Greece and start making arrangements for a holiday (plans which eventually fell through).

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Week 34 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about movies that inspire travel.

What’s a movie that has inspired you to travel?

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Comments on What is a Movie that Inspired You to Travel?

Pete - long term travel
20 August 2012

One of my favorite films of all time: The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson. Gave me a great reason to head to India it also inspired a few good friends to ride across the country on a motorbike. Love pretty much everything Wes Anderson does.

20 August 2012

As a kid, since I saw karate kid made me wanna go to Okinawa and then lost in translation made me book the ticket to Tokyo!!!! I cant wait to go back to Japan!!!!

20 August 2012

The year of living dangerously, which I’ve watched numerous times and made me fall in love with all the steamy southeast Asia cities.

22 August 2012

Lost in Translation for me. It made me want to visit Japan.

22 August 2012

The Last Emperor. The first time I saw it, years ago, I knew that I wanted to go to China. It was probably a mistake to buy it on DVD because now every time I watch it, no matter where I am, who I’m with or how well my normal life is going, I just want to be back in Taipei, Shanghai or Chengdu.

23 August 2012

under the tuscan sun really inspired me to want to become an expat and travel.

Bill Doran
24 August 2012

Motorcycle Diaries gave me the travel bug . The different places and experiences of the young Che guevera were astonishing . I can understand how and why he be came a revolutionay after seeing what he saw in his tracels .My extensive traves have not made me a revolutionary but they have had a major impact onhow I see the world

24 August 2012

“180 Degrees South,” “The Way,” “A Map for Saturday” and “The Endless Summer.” All are great movies – check them out. I am getting ready for a big trip and they have helped me through the last year of saving for the trip.

24 August 2012

Americano with Joshua Jackson helped solidify my plans to move back to Spain to study.

26 August 2012

Stealing Beauty. The movie was set at a Villa in the Tuscan countryside in the summer. I went to Europe the first time a year later. It is a beautiful movie!

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