What is on Your Travel Playlist?

Ask any traveler what their must-pack list includes and an mp3 player or Ipod is always on the list. That’s because music is an excellent way to boost the mood, to find comfort in the familiar and to keep us relaxed while traveling. Road trips and long flights, bus or train rides are incredibly boring without music. And although we often prefer to read while traveling, we don’t always have the brain power to do that.

What is on your travel play list? Which song is your favorite?

Ever since my cell supported music – and later when I got an mp3 player – I’ve always had a playlist ready to save the day. Between 14 to 18 hours train rides and often reading an entire book along the way, good music has always kept me company. I tend to listen to rock music most of the time – Guns’n’Roses, Meat Loaf, Tina Turner, Whitesnake – but often I find myself listening to empowering songs, too, such as “I’m a Woman” (sang by the cast of Sex and the City) and “I Will Survive”. My favorite song is also from the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack: Alicia Keys , “Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down”.

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Week 42 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about music.

What is on your travel play list? Which song is your favorite?

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