What is your “Ah-Ha” moment?

For Day 20 of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge, we’re asking you:

Nov 20 - question


Here to tell us her ‘ah-ha’ moment is Dani, our head of social media:


“I’ve had a many ‘ah-ha’ moments when it comes to learning things on my travels, but the one I come back to is what happened to me on my very first international trip.

I got off the airplane in Zagreb and headed to the line of buses that take you to the city.  I stepped onto the bus, and asked a little old Swedish couple, sitting in front, “Do you speak English?”

Yes they nodded.

“Is this the bus to Zagreb city?”

The older women couldn’t hold back any longer.  She started giggling, grabbed her husband’s arm and says “Oh honey look! She has such a cute accent!”

It was then that reality smacked me in the face…

I was the one with the accent now!

It was such an ‘ah-ha’ moment because up until that time it never dawned that I’m now the foreigner. This is not my country. I’m the one that speaks English funny. It was such an eye-opener for me. And also a great conversation opener, as I guess my shock of realizing I’m the outsider was apparent and the husband and wife quickly sat me down and started asking me where I was from, and giving me tips for my first real traveling experience.

Although the wife could not stop smiling every time I said anything.  I guess she’s never heard a Boston accent before.”

It’s funny how sometimes something so small can change your perspective of the world and yourself.


What is your “Ah-Ha” moment?


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