What kind of travel packer are you?

There’s one thing about traveling which most of us hate (or at least dislike): packing! From those who just toss two t-shirts and some lingerie in their backpacks , to those who would rather carry their entire wardrobe around, there are many types of travel packers out there.

Sometime it’s a bright idea to bring cool gadgets and they can make your life easier, but other times it’s perfectly ok to be just you and a good old printed map. As much as possible, try to travel very lightly and remember that objects are always replaceable and your valuables are better left at home.

What kind of travel packer are you? Minimalist? Bring it all? Somewhere in between? Are you happy with your packing skills?

I never liked to drag a lot of luggage around, so I’ve always been a somewhat light packer. My biggest achievement so far has been carrying 8 kg worth of luggage (yes, it included my netbook with charger and other electronics) for two weeks in Italy and Greece , during winter (March). I thought I’ve done a pretty good job…that was until I had to walk quite a lot with the luggage in hand (sans wheels, of course, courtesy of flying a certain low-cost carrier). As a result, ever since that trip I’ve been back to using my old backpack. My packing skills definitely need some improvement and I think I’m doing better each time I travel.

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Week 39 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about packing.

What kind of travel packer are you? Minimalist? Bring it all? Somewhere in between? Are you happy with your packing skills?

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