Why Do You Travel?

Welcome to day one of the 2015 Indie Travel Manifesto Challenge.   All this month we’ll not just be asking you to answer questions and challenges, we’ll be taking part as a company on our blog too!

So let’s kick this off:

Question 1:

Why Do You Travel- (1)
There are many reasons why people start traveling, and many reasons why people continue traveling.  Our Marketing Manager, Dave Campbell tells us his:

“I first started traveling because of family – my parents were constantly on the road and instilled this into my siblings since we were born.  Perhaps they considered it a right of passage, a life lesson, or simply a way to get us out of the house.  I can’t recall a time where I didn’t have two or three trips in the coming months planned, whether they be weekend getaways, a trip to the cabin, or a journey overseas.  It’s almost a tradition that we travel (and even today we trip together in one way or another consistently), and it’s certainly something we are instilling in our next generation.  

I continue to travel because there is a small but fulfilling world out there that needs to be explored.  Life to me is simply a smattering of moments and memories, and while I have many in the place I call home the majority of captivating or curious experiences seem to happen when I’m away from my comfort zone.  There are no boundaries for travel – my next moment can happen in another hemisphere, country, state, or town. ” 


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