Why Local Information is the Best!

Nov 5 - question


We are firm believer in “Local Information over Received Information“.  One of the best ways to discover a new place is to talk with someone who has been there. Our social media manager, Dani tells us about her affinity for local information:

“I’m pretty extroverted so I have no problem asking strangers questions. I also like to go places where I’m likely the only foreigner.

When I was in Colombia for my first time, I really wanted to spend my last night in Bogota at a local rock show. As I asked the hostel reception if they knew someplace, 3 travelers walked in and told me about a free, 3 day music festival happening in Medellin – and the first 2 days are rock music.  I was on a bus that night and at the concert the next morning. I spent all 3 days at Altavoz and ended up meeting a ton of locals who gave me more local information. Because of this one question about where to see a rock show, I ended up being a zombie in a commercial in Medellin, photographing a band in the studio in Ecuador, and meeting tons of awesome people who I’m still friends with today.

But the best part – I met my now husband at this concert. So yea, I’m a huge proponent of local information. Not only do learn awesome stuff that ‘guidebook tourists’ will never do, it can, literally, change your life.”

This may be an extreme case, but think about how much you know about your hometown.  Sometimes guidebook authors have never stepped foot in the city they are covering.  They are actually going on information in other guidebooks.  So go ask a local what to do.  They know more.

(Or go sit near that loud extrovert in the hostel and wait for them to befriend you. Then get them to ask the local. You’ll learn local information and get free ‘how to be more extroverted’ lessons! )


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