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Maybe you have never heard of RTW trips or, you know what they are, but never even dreamed to plan one. The first thing we think about when planning a vacation is : the budget. And for long term travel, the budget scares us. But, suffice to say, it might be cheaper – in some cases – to travel rather than to stay at home.

You are not getting any younger and , fast forward 30 years, you’d want to say: “I loved traveling the world” rather than “I wish I have traveled the world”. On a RTW trip, you can do what you want to do every single day. Not to mention that you get a chance to do what you truly love, meat new people, learn new skills and polish the skills you already have.

Unfortunately, you cannot go everywhere ,so you will have to prioritize. Start with the cities/sites/experiences you’ve always dreamed of visiting or doing. Write those down. Then decide whether you want to spend more time in the cities or in the outdoors. Maybe you want to visit the iconic sites on the globe or you’d be happy checking out every single popular beach.

Once you choose those, it’s time to decide what type of accommodation you prefer, which segments to fly and which to tackle by land (or water) and how far in advance you could/should book a ticket , as well as figuring out a real budget.

If money was no object, what would be on your ideal one-year travel itinerary?

I am currently saving for two months in Asia. The trip is planned for next year and I hope to visit India (flight into Delhi), Vietnam, with a side trip to Cambodia, and possibly China (flight into Beijing). However, my dream RTW trip includes Greece (flight into Athens with side trips to some islands), Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Argentina, The Bahamas , USA , Great Britain and back home via Budapest (Hungary). An estimated price for the flights starts at $6,232 per person.

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Week 44 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about a dream RTW trip.

If money was no object, what would be on your ideal one-year travel itinerary?

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