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Campgrounds in California

California might be the the state with the highest population, but that doesn't mean there are no wild areas left. On the contrary, California has some amazing parks and is a popular camping destination. From the desert areas of the southeastern part of the state to the giant trees in the Redwood forests to the state's less-visited mountainous northeast corner, the terrain and sights vary greatly. What that means for you is a huge amount of choice in the campgrounds available to you.

Where you decide to go on your camping trip in California depends almost entirely on what you want to do while you're camping. While pretty much every part of the state offers some hiking opportunities, most of the activities are tied to the terrain. If heat, sun and sand - but not water - are interesting to you and you like cacti, hot days and cool nights, you'll want to check out the campgrounds in the California desert. The desert areas encompass much of the southeast of the state along the border with Nevada. With famous names like Joshua Tree, Mojave, Death Valley and Zion, you'll be in desert heaven.

If mountains and forests are more your style, you have plenty to choose from there, too. California is home to the tallest trees on earth in the Redwood National Park - and who doesn't want to experience the drive-through tree at least once in their life? But beyond the Redwoods, central and northern California are also home to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe, and Mt. Shasta. Landscapes like that seem like they were invented for campgrounds.

If you don't want to be too far from "civilization" but you'd still prefer to sleep in a tent, California offers the best of both worlds - Point Reyes will get you close enough so San Francisco to make it a good day-trip, but still let you fall asleep in the woods. The campgrounds around San Diego might win in the city camping department, though, as they have the beautiful southern California beaches close by as well.

California's National Parks, National Monuments and National Forests are a great place to start with any camping adventure, and even if you don't stay in one you might want to stay close to one for the great nature activities they offer. Here are just a handful of them:

As if those weren't enough to keep you busy and happy, there are also lots of state parks throughout California, too. You can find out more about them here.

Happy camping!

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