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Campgrounds in Colorado

When you think of Colorado, you might think of mountains and forests and mile-high cities - and Colorado has all of them. But these aren't just any mountains we're talking about, these are the Rocky Mountains, and Colorado has the highest points of the Rockies. But Colorado is also home to beautiful canyons and stunning mesas, and enough outdoor activities to wear out even the most hyperactive people. Really, it's a perfect state for camping.

Everyone knows about Colorado's famous mountains, so let's pay a little attention instead to one of the most popular camping areas in the state - it's the Colorado State Forest. With a neighbor like Rocky Mountain National Park, it's no wonder the forest doesn't see the number of visitors it might if it were positioned elsewhere. But it is an absolutely gorgeous area, and you'll love it even more because it's far less crowded than its popular neighbor. That means that not only are the campgrounds more pleasant to stay in, it also means that the hiking trails, fishing lakes and climbing routes aren't as overrun with people, either. Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

Not every campground has to be all wilderness and no civilization, however. Another of Colorado's most popular campgrounds is positioned near the great little city of Fort Collins - the Poudre River Valley. You've got the best of both worlds there, with great outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, fishing and horseback riding, and then when you're tired of nature you can hop into Fort Collins and tour the Anheuser Busch Brewery (among other things, of course).

If you're really just wanting to visit those Rocky Mountains, though, there might be no place better to stay than the campgrounds of Estes Park. The area is breath-takingly beautiful, and no outdoors enthusiast could ever get bored with all the activities on offer. The town of Estes Park also makes it easier on those who aren't usually into sleeping in tents - you can tempt them along with promises of the town's fine dining and shopping. The biggest challenge here is whether to stay in the prettier national park and deal with bigger crowds, or stay in the less pretty (but still lovely) national forest and get away from most of the onslaught of people.

Colorado's National Parks, National Monuments and National Forests are scattered around the state, but there's plenty to see and do between them as well. If you're not staying in one of them, turn them into day-trips. Here are just a handful of them:

As if those weren't enough to keep you busy and happy, there are also lots of state parks throughout Colorado, too. You can find out more about them here.

Happy camping!

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