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The flat landscape of Kansas' corn and wheat fields do not seem initially to lend themselves toward camping trips and cookouts with the family. But tucked away throughout the state a large number of campgrounds lay hidden near lakes and streams—pretty much any natural body of water has a campground or two or three on its shores.

Kansas campgrounds are not the backcountry wilderness expeditions that you'll find in the northwest or Montana. Mostly contained to State Parks and maintained facilities with running water, many Kansas campgrounds are geared more toward RV's and camper trailers than tent spots and those looking to commune with nature. Most Kansas campgrounds are RV friendly, but availability can be limited in the early fall as families try to hang on to the last gasp of summer.

The weather in Kansas is generally hot in summer and extremely cold in the winter, so campgrounds shut down the running water in their facilities during the cold winter months. Campgrounds are open April-November in most cases, but it pays to check with the campground you'll be staying at for their schedule and policy.

Campgrounds in Kansas follow the water, as does population. Therefore, there are few campgrounds that are far from civilization and as you progress across the state toward the more heavily populated east, the number of campgrounds increases. The less remote a campground is, the more people generally camp there, so be sure to book your trip and reserve a spot in the camp before you leave.

State parks follow the same eastward migration as the campgrounds. Try these for specific recreation information about Kansas State Parks.

Sand Hills: Hiking, horseback riding and hunting bring campers to this state park whose grasslands, wetlands and sand dunes have been perfectly preserved. Mushroom Rock: Cemented calcium carbonate forms mushroom rock, one of many amazing geologic formations, some of which measure 27 feet in diameter. Lake Meade SP: 80 acres of fishing available on Lake Meade. Anglers try for bluegill, channel cat, crappie and large mouth bass. Kansas Motels
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