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Kentucky is the home of some famous outdoorsmen. Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket both hailed from the Bluegrass State and the camping available there today would make either one proud to call Kentucky home.

Sitting at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky's campgrounds are often filled with wildlife to see and photograph. And if you choose your campground and the timing of your visit carefully, the crowds of nature enthusiasts who jump for the best camera angle on a wandering animal will not trample your tent on their rush to see the passing wildlife.

Kentucky only has three natural lakes, but it has dammed enough rivers that there is actually more navigable water in Kentucky than in any other state in the union, excluding Alaska.

Many of Kentucky's campgrounds sit around these bodies of water and some are available in the backcountry. For obvious reasons, many of the campgrounds surrounding the lakes and rivers are more popular and a spot should be reserved before showing up at the lakeside campground and realizing that there isn't space for your RV or trailer.

One of Kentucky's most popular camping destinations is Mammoth Cave National Park. The longest cave system in the world with over 385 miles explored, tent campers and RV's come and stay side by side for day-trips down into the open maw of Mammoth Cave. There is almost endless crawling around in the dark to be done while camping at Mammoth Cave. Not only does it have the appeal of being the longest cave in the world, it is so big that if the next two longest caves were joined together, they wouldn't come within 100 miles of surpassing Mammoth.

Other popular camping destinations include Green River Lake and Green River Lake State Park, which has several camping options lining its shores. Your camping trip will probably be determined by your location and the time you have to spend on your trip. Kentucky is truly one of the best camping destinations in the United States, so after you research and book your trip here, get out and enjoy the sights.

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