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Maine may be more famous for its lobster than its camping, but the high latitude and picturesque wilderness scenery makes it a great camping destination... for a few months out of the year. As a result there aren't many campgrounds in Maine, but what few there are sit next to some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery that nature has to offer.

One of Maine's more pristine and isolated campgrounds, Hastings Campground is in the middle of the state and is one of the best destinations for someone who wants to truly get away from the hurry of city life. The nearest highway is far from earshot, and you won't find many of the types of campers who like to be loud and disrupt the natural harmony of camping in the wilderness.

Further south, only a few feet from the New Hampshire border, Cold River Campground lives up to its name and, at least during the winter, its temperature. Although it's more a creek than a river, the campground is isolated much in the same way that Hastings campground is and it provides a similar opportunity to get away from it all in the middle of Maine's forests.

Basin Campground is technically in New Hampshire, but if you're coming from Maine's biggest city, Portland, it is actually the closest campground, beating out Cold River by just a few miles. The facilities at Basin Campground are geared more toward RV's but not everyone has the same idea in mind when it comes to "roughing it." The extra comforts available at Basin Campground may be just the thing to keep everyone in your group happy campers.

Maine weather is warm and perfect for camping all summer, but come winter the prospects for sunny skies and balmy weather drop to 0. Be sure to check the weather before your trip and if it looks at all inclement, be sure you have the proper gear to brave the elements before you depart.

Because of Maine's relatively small number of campsites, on weekends and popular camping holidays the campgrounds may fill up, booking online before your arrival allows you to reserve a spot and guarantee that you'll have a place to put up your tent or hook up your trailer when you arrive.

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