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Massachusetts, the land of the Ivy League, Polo shirts, and Oxford sweaters, is quite a camping destination. Just go west, away from the water, and you'll slowly start to see more and more campgrounds dotting the map. Once you're past the cities, there are plenty to choose from.

Historical treasures abound in the Massachusetts cities, but there are no monuments of national importance in most Massachusetts campgrounds. Paul Revere did not ride through the Erving State Forest campground declaring the arrival of the British, the nation's forefathers didn't sign anything in Lake Dennison Recreation area.

But Massachusetts' campgrounds remain popular for their own beauty. If you want a spot in a campground in the summer, be prepared to make a reservation.

Campgrounds are more plentiful the further west you go, but most of the sites to see are to the east, along the coast. If you are from out of town and want to tour Massachusetts while you're in the state, you may want to choose a campground that puts you within easier driving distance of Boston and the 1800 miles of coastline that you can drive along and stop for tours of the ancient whaling facilities or the famous Massachusetts lighthouses.

Massachusetts weather can be rather inhospitable in the winter. As a result, some of even the more popular campgrounds shut down at times during the cold months. If you're not traveling in the heart of summer you may have to deal with closed campgrounds, so check with the campground before arriving in order to ensure that you are not left outside without a place to hook up your RV or assemble your tent because of a locked gate. If you are traveling in the heart of summer, you'll need to book a tent-site or trailer spot before you arrive so that the summer crowds do not ruin your plans by taking up all of the space.

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