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With 66 state parks, there is much camping and sightseeing to be done in Minnesota, where the wildlife is plentiful and the temperatures are perfect in the summer for enjoying the outdoors.

Minnesota's popular camping destinations are spread throughout the state. Minnesota is known as "The land of a thousand lakes," for the many small bodies of water that were carved by the same glacier that created the nearby great lakes. Many of these smaller lakes come with their own campground. From the camps, you can hike through the backcountry to find tucked away pockets of wilderness that few normally see, or stay in the camp and enjoy the stars.

Many Minnesota campgrounds also hug the border, allowing convenient access to the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. Quetico Park is a prominent canoeing destination that attracts flocks of paddlers from all over the world. Internationally acclaimed for its scenery, the park is one of the most beautiful destinations on the U.S./Canadian border.

With beauty, however, come tourists, and the pristine wilderness is sometimes overcome by the throngs of people. Reserving a camping spot is a good idea if you're planning on camping during the summer season and contacting your desired campground is a necessity if you're going to camp any other time of the year. The weather in Minnesota can be harsh and many campgrounds do not stay open all year round. If your campground is closed, unlike hotels, there's usually not another one right across the street to try. Making a reservation is the best way to go.

There are several national parks to explore in Minnesota in addition to the 66 state parks. You can find information about them at several different websites such as these.

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