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Campgrounds in Montana

Montana is known as "Big Sky Country" - as you might imagine, the sky is the same size here as it is anywhere else. It's just that in Montana it looks like it goes on forever. Driving across Montana always feels like it's taking longer than it should, and that gigantic sky is the reason. But even though it's the neverending expanse of blue that makes a drive in Montana sometimes seem unbearably long, that sky is one of the many things that makes camping in Montana special.

The ruggedly beautiful Rocky Mountains run through several states, including Montana, but that's not the only reason people come to camp in Montana. There's also a sliver of Yellowstone National Park in the central part of southern Montana and Glacier National Park in the northwest. And even those parks don't cover much of the state - there's plenty more of Montana to explore.

The Kalispell area near Glacier National Park is, for obvious reasons, one of the state's most popular campground areas. Even with the wilderness all around you up there - including grizzly bears - you're never very far from civilization, should you want a break from nature. In the area around Missoula you'll find the highest concentration of campgrounds in Montana, and they tend to be those quintessential mountain landscapes with thick forests and mountain streams. Of course, these popular areas can also be the busier and more crowded campgrounds, so make sure to book early so you aren't left without a campsite.

For something a little more off the beaten path, the campgrounds around Livingston are often overlooked because of the state's more popular camping areas. Accessing them can be a challenge, but that's one of the reasons they're less crowded. If you want to really get away from it all, this might be your best bet - just don't plan on asking the passing wildlife for a refill on supplies. Bring what you need or you'll be making a long trip to the nearest town.

Montana's National Parks are a good place to start when thinking about camping in the state, but there's much more to see even than these gems:

There might not be a heavy concentration of National Parks in Montana, but the list of State Parks more than makes up for that. You can find out more about them here.

Happy camping!

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