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Nebraska is nearly all wheat fields and agriculture by area, but sprinkled in with the farms are several campgrounds that serve as great local getaways for the locals or as a place to stop and sleep on a road trip or when you're just passing through

Although few in number, Nebraska's parks and campgrounds serve as a great base camp for a hunting or fishing trip with your family. Situated around the state's lakes, the campgrounds that are popular in Nebraska have a certain proximity to water in common.

Nebraska's overwhelming flatness means that there are few natural lakes in the state, but a few rivers have been dammed to create man-made bodies of water, like Harlan County Lake on the southern border of Nebraska and Kansas. Two campgrounds sit on the shores of Harlan County Lake, Methodist Cove and Hunter Cove.

On the northern border between South Dakota and Nebraska, the Nebraska Tailwaters Campground overlooks Lewis and Clark Lake. With 90 miles of coastline that turn into sheer cliffs dropping into the water, there are many recreation opportunities available to the enthusiastic and prepared outdoorsman.

Another midwest phenomenon that broadens recreation options are the many shallow lakes from earth-moving projects. At about 5 feet deep, these lakes bake in the summer sun and heat up to an agreable 88-90 degrees fahrenheit by the end of June. They are still deep enough for ski-boats to pull waterskiers and wakeboarders, even if they are limited to a relatively small area to ride.

These lakes were recently used to beautify an area near Interstate 80 in south central Nebraska called Mormon Island. Named for the location's tendency to host Mormon's on their trek westward, the area is now a scenic area of Nebraska now that the pits dug to build up the surface of I-80 have been filled with water and host many species of waterfowl and wildlife.

There are more state and national parks to explore in Nebraska. Explore all the have to offer here.

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