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You'll have many options to choose from when looking for a campground in Oklahoma. The regular terrain and even ground make anywhere a good spot for a campground, and many have been built.

Many of Oklahoma's campgrounds surround lakes that either formed naturally or were dammed. As a result, the recreational opportunities at these lakes are many. Campers can swim or fish, or if they have the equipment, there are many boat launches for ski boats to get into the water. At the moment, boats are not allowed to launch at Fountainhead Park on the north end of the lake because of dangerously low water levels. The nearest campground to Fountainhead Park is Gentry Creek, where boats still are allowed in the water.

There are almost too many lakes to count in Oklahoma and nearly all of them have campgrounds one at least one shore. The more popular the campground is, however, the more likely it is to fill up before you get there and lay claim to your spot. Book your campground online before you arrive and be sure you have a spot before you arrive and have to compete for territory with the rest of Oklahoma camping that weekend.

Camping in Oklahoma is highly recommended in the fall, winter and spring. During the summer temperatures rise and spending time outside can be hard. Sleeping outside can be even harder, not just because of the temperatures and humidity but locusts sometimes occupy the trees and keep campers awake singing to them well into the night.

One of Oklahoma's most well-known historical events is General Custer's surprise attack on the Cheyenne Village of Peace Chief Black Kettle. This tragic event of the Indian Wars is now the subject of an interpretive center that contributes to the increased understanding of the conflict of cultures.

There are many lakes, National Parks, and State Parks that you can visit in Oklahoma. Find more information here.

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