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South Carolina is known for its coastline, the charming city of Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. Camping is further down on the list, but it's on there.

There are tons of campgrounds to choose from, both coastal and inland in South Carolina, so whether you want to get far away or stay within easy driving distance of home you'll be able to find a campground that fits in your plans.

The trick to camping in South Carolina is dealing with the weather. The summer brings a recipe for dehydration, high humidity and high temperatures, which can be hard to deal with if you're living out in the woods for a week. The winter, on the other hand, can put you out in the forest dealing with lightning and thunder and the accompanying brief downpours. Stay close to your tent or trailer or some place you can duck into and out of the rain if you're not dressed head to toe in rain gear.

Most of South Carolina's campgrounds are clustered to the west, away from the coast, in the Appalachian Mountains. Many of the campgrounds serve the hikers and backpackers that hike their way down from the more northern reaches of the Appalachian Trail, camping along the way. Not all are connected with the trail though, so you'll be able to make a choice between the possibility of running into some backpackers or the possibility of having the campground all to yourself.

For RV camping in South Carolina, the best bets are on the beach. At Myrtle Beach your options include the nationally franchised KOA campgrounds, as well as the Pirateland campground and the Ocean Lakes campground.

Pirateland brings you camping as only South Carolina can deliver. Row after row of trailers and RV's line a spit of land adjacent to the ocean and activities include a water park that young and old can float through on inner tubes. It's not exactly "getting away from it all" but a blast for even the hardest campers to entertain.

South Carolina has many National and State Parks that you can enjoy while staying at a campground. Find more information about the parks that you'll enjoy here.

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