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Texas is lots of empty space, lots of open places, and lots of camping. Everything is bigger in Texas and that translates to the RV's that seem to dominate many of the Texas campgrounds. They're big and bulky but there's plenty of room for them at the campgrounds that are abundant in Texas like acne on a 7th grader.

On the Gulf of Mexico, the most popular campground you'll find is Mustang Island State Park. Near the spring break haven of Corpus Christie, you'll find that the weather and accommodations match even the loftiest expectations you might have had going in.

While Texas is hot or warm nearly everywhere during the summer, the winter months can be cold. The farther south you go, the warmer winters you'll find. Corpus Christie is about as pleasant as it gets in the winter in Texas, so camping there might bring an increased number of crowds.

It is hard to find a campground that you can be sure will be empty and secluded in Texas. One of the best sites for overall enjoyment, however, is the Lake Murray State Park in Admore. With campsites right on the lake and a pleasant climate to relax in, you'll find this campground to be exactly what you were looking for whether you're towing a trailer around, driving an RV, or setting up your own tent.

A stay at Lake Murray comes with free access to the many recreation opportunities available at the park. Disc golf, mountain bike trails, even motorcycle and ATV trails if you've got the right kind of ride. But not everyone is looking for a shared camping experience like you'll find at a super popular Lake Murray type campground. For a more secluded getaway, you'll have to go to West Texas.

West Texas has a lower population density than the rest of the state, but it has just as many campgrounds as the eastern side of Texas. Camping in West Texas may be just the place for you to escape the crowds and enjoy the feeling of being away from everyone.

There are many State and National Parks that you'll want to explore during your camping trip in Texas. Explore attractions and find more information here.

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