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Campgrounds in Utah

Utah is extremely well known for its incredible natural beauty and all of the outdoor sports you can take part in throughout the year. Like some of its neighboring states in the American Southwest, Utah is blessed with a richly varied terrain which lends itself beautifully to both National Parks and great campgrounds. Most of the parks are in the southern part of the state, which means so are most of the visitors.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful areas in all of Utah is Bryce Canyon. It's a pretty small park, especially compared with some of the other parks in Utah, and as far as canyons go it's not the Grand - but its sandstone formations, called "hoodoos," make for a unique backdrop to any hike. It's no wonder this area is one of Utah's most popular camping areas. Another popular area is around Zion National Park, which also has its share of canyons and sandstone formations. Some of the other big draws in Utah are the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks with their iconic bridge-like rock formations. All of these parks are havens for hikers, and also for photographers.

If you want to be close to civilization and still sleep in a tent, check out some of the campgrounds around Salt Lake City - there are plenty of campgrounds where you'll feel like you're a million miles from the nearest city, and yet you're only a short drive from the Utah capital. In addition to the lake that the city is named for, other nearby attractions include canyons and mountains - it's a great area to enjoy just about any outdoor acitivity.

Utah has a cluster of amazing National Parks in its southern half. Here are a few of them:

Even with all those National Parks, there is still plenty of room for some excellent State Parks in Utah. You can find out more about them here.

Happy camping!

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