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There is excellent camping all over Virginia, from Virginia Beach, east to the Appalachian Trail, and even along the borders of West Virginia and North Carolina.

At Virginia Beach, camping ranges from the tried and true Kampgrounds of America (KOA) to the somewhat more experimental False Cape State Park, which extends out on a barrier spit between the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. Only hikers, bikers and boaters can access the park, motorized vehicles are not allowed, although campers can take the Terra Gator, a blend of a tractor and a school bus that takes passengers back and forth to the island. The Terra Gator has been specially designed to minimize its environmental impact with wide tires that spread out the weight of the machine more evenly over the ground.

False Cape is one of Virginia's least visited state parks because of the difficulties in getting there, but it leaves a nearly untouched wild area for your enjoyment and exploration.

Nearly a quarter of the total distance of the Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia, about 550 miles. As a result there are many campsites along its path, mostly on the West Virginia border. Many of these campgrounds are reachable mainly by the trail itself and are located in between some of the most difficult stretches of the trail. Be prepared for a strenuous hike and be sure to bring everything you need with you, there's very little in the way of services or amenities once you're tucked in on a ridge.

Virginia camping is doable all year round, but the summer heat and humidity can be more than most people want to bear. High temperatures and humidity combined with the stress of walking can easily overcome even the fittest hiker or camper. Winter temperatures can be similarly uncomfortable, although the cold in Virginia is rarely dangerous if campers are properly prepared.

Virginia has more parks and attractions that you can explore on your camping trip. Explore the rest of what Virginia has to offer here.

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