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West Virginia is an outdoor destination of the finest kind with its easy terrain and interesting geologic formations. Camping in West Virginia is tailored to seeing those sights and it is hard to imagine the campgrounds in this wilderness state being any more convenient.

The biggest attraction for campers in West Virginia is the Seneca Rocks State Park. With its geologic oddities, the park is popular with rock climbers as well as cave divers and anyone who marvels at the constructions the earth is capable of creating. Rock climbers are attracted to the park's towering cliffs, cave explorers come for the Seneca Caverns, which extend underground and can be toured for $12.

Seneca also has a Discovery Center, which offers art displays, a novice rock climbing wall for those trying to sharpen their skills before taking on the rock cliffs outside, and of course, a gift shop.

If Seneca sounds like exactly what you want out of your camping trip, you're in luck. There are more campgrounds around the park than anywhere else in West Virginia. Although the park does attract crowds to the campgrounds, there are enough nearby that you'll have a spelunking good time whether or not you go down in the caves.

For a more conventional camping experience and one that involves nice mountain lakes instead of chilly, damp caves, Sutton Lake also hosts many fine campgrounds. Sutton Lake is on the smaller side - you won't find many speed boats on the lake - but it is the right size for swimming and canoeing. You'll find your camping needs met at the Gerald Freeman Camp, which provides everything from showers and laundry facilities to ball courts, hiking trails and horseshoe pits. And if the camping gets too rustic, you can always escape to convenient West Virginia Motels which are sure to be nearby.

West Virginia has a few more State and National Parks to explore on your camping trip. You can find more information about those parks here.

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