Greenough Lake Campground

Greenough Lake Campground

If a few days without electricity or running water sounds like your idea of heaven, you need a break from the city. If you find yourself standing at the copy machine daydreaming about fishing in a secluded river, you need to get away. If your usual morning latte sounds like a poor substitute for a cup of instant coffee brewed over a campfire, start packing your bags immediately.

Even if it's just a few days at Greenough Lake Campground, that might be all you need to revive yourself and come back to life with renewed vigor. A few days without hearing a car horn or a phone ring might be just what the doctor ordered. Be sure to check the local weather reports first so you know whether you'll be rained on or in a fire danger area, but otherwise, don't delay.

Remember that the best campgrounds and cabins fill up early, so be sure to book your space at Greenough Lake Campground in Montana today.

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