Silver Falls Campground

Silver Falls Campground

There's nothing like the sound of a babbling brook mere steps from your bed, where you know you can get an ice-cold cup of the best-tasting water you've ever had. But maybe you'd rather be sleeping near the beach so you can go for a quick swim every morning. Or perhaps your ideal getaway is deep in the forest where you can fall asleep to the sound of crickets. Whatever your pleasure, a few days getting back to nature is always a good thing.

Leaving nature as you found it is also a good thing, so be sure to pay attention to fire danger levels and other local restrictions at Silver Falls Campground so as to not damage nature's beauty.

It might seem like "roughing it" would be an easy thing to do on the spur of the moment, but the reality is that when the weather gets nice, everyone has the same idea at the same time - to go camping. This is why it's a good idea to check availability at Silver Falls Campground in Oregon now and book your trip today.


Silver Falls
20024 Silver Falls Hwy Se
Sublimity OR 97385

Directions to Silver Falls State Park
SALEM... On Highway 22, known as N Santiam Highway. Travel time 45 minutes. Take Highway 22 east from Salem to the Silver Falls State Park exit, 5 miles east of Salem follow Highway 214 approximately 20 miles to the park.
PORTLAND... On I-5. Travel time 75 minutes. Take I-5 south to the Woodburn exit (25 miles). Take Highway 214 through Woodburn and follow signs on Highway 214 to Mt. Angel (7 miles). Go through Mt. Angel on Highway 214 to Silverton (6 miles). From Silverton follow the signs to Silver Falls State Park on Highway 214 (15 miles).
EUGENE... On I-5. Travel time 75 minutes. Take I-5 north to the Highway 22 exit. Go east to Highway 214 and follow signs to Silver Falls State Park.
BEND... On Highway 22. Travel time 3 hours. Take Highway 20 northwest from Bend to Highway 22 and follow north to Highway 214 exit. Follow signs to Silver Falls State Park.
STAYTON-SUBLIMITY... On Highway 214. Travel time 20 minutes. Take Highway 214 north. Follow signs to Silver Falls State Park.

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