Fremont Indian State Park Campground

Fremont Indian State Park Campground
Fremont Indian State Park and Museum was established to preserve a treasury of rock art and archaeological sites. The museum visitor center offers a video program introducing visitors to the Fremont Indians. Pathways, one accessible for the physically challenged, lead visitors into legend and history depicted through pictographs and petroglyphs and other cultural and historic resources.

The Castle Rock campground is nestled in a canyon approximately one-half mile from the visitor center.


  • Drinking Water
  • Fire Pit, Grill & Table
  • Firepit
  • Hiking
  • Large Tree
  • Modern Restrooms
  • Off Highway Vehicle Area
  • Tent Pad
  • Visitor Center
  • Wildlife


Fremont Indian State Park
3820 W. Clear Creek Canyon Rd.
Sevier UT 84766-9999

The park is 21 miles southwest of Richfield on Interstate 70 (Exit 17) in central Utah.

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