Updated 2016

Trinidad and Tobago is in the minority of Caribbean islands as they aren't littered with all inclusive resorts and high-end accommodations. They are there, sure, but mostly on Tobago. For indie travelers, these two islands offer great experiences as the infrastructure actually encourages travelers to get out there and explore instead of holing them up behind resort gates.

Start with Trididad & Tobago Travel Facts.

  • There are many other, more popular destinations for Carnival, but for more of an unknown, yet still as raucous, experience, Trinidad and Tobago is it.
  • First class diving is available off the white sand beaches in the crystal clear waters.
  • Check out the flora and fauna of the rainforest while hiking and biking.
  • Head to the north coast of Trinidad for powdery white sand and azure waters. Most of the beaches on Tobago are picturesque, but be ready for more resorts and bigger hotels.
  • Visit Bucco Reef, a natural coral reef on the North Coast of Tobago.

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