Country: Hungary

Population: 9,956,108

Capital: Budapest

Time Zone: UTC+1

Currency Name: forint (HUF)

Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy

Languages: Hungarian 93.6%, other or unspecified 6.4%

Ethnic Breakdown: Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8%

Religion: Roman Catholic 51.9%, Calvinist 15.9%, Lutheran 3%, Greek Catholic 2.6%, other Christian 1%, other or unspecified 11.1%, unaffiliated 14.5%

Major Cities: Budapest, Sarmellek, Debrecen

Phone Country Code: 36

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: June - August

Voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: c, f

Major Holidays: January 1 (New Year's Day), March 15 (National Day), March 23 (Hungarian-Polish Friendship Day), Easter, May 1 (Labor Day), Pentecost, August 20 (St. Stephen Day), October 23 (National Day), November 1 (All Saints Day), December 24-25 (Christmas), December 26 (Boxing Day)

Misc Fact / Good to Know: Goulash originated in Hungary in the 9th century AD.