Country: Moldova

Population: 4,320,490

Capital: Chisinau

Time Zone: UTC+2

Currency Name: Moldovan leu (MDL)

Government Type: Republic

Languages: Moldovan (official, virtually the same as the Romanian language), Russian, Gagauz (a Turkish dialect)

Ethnic Breakdown: Moldovan/Romanian 78.2%, Ukrainian 8.4%, Russian 5.8%, Gagauz 4.4%, Bulgarian 1.9%, other 1.3%

Religion: Eastern Orthodox 98%, Jewish 1.5%, Baptist and other 0.5%

Major Cities: Chisinau

Phone Country Code: 373

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: June - August

Voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: b

Major Holidays: January 4 (Independence Day), February 12 (Union Day), March 2 (Peasants Day), March 27 (Armed Forces Day), April 13-16 (Water Festival), April 17 (Burmese New Year), May 1 (Labor Day), July 19 (Martyr's Day), Buddhist Lent, Diwali, December 4 (National Day), December 25 (Christmas Day)

Misc Fact / Good to Know: Moldova has two autonomous territorial units: Gagauz and Trans-Dniestr.