Friends of BootsnAll (FOB)

FOB? What the hell is FOB?

FOB is an acronym that stands for Friends of BootsnAll.

Why be a FOB?

Getting labeled a FOB simply means that you are a trusted partner and friend of BootsnAll. It’s a “We endorse you” seal. We would send our Mothers to you we think you are so good.

Why is it valuable to be a FOB?

Because only the best of the best get in. After doing this since 1998, we have met a lot of folks in the travel industry. When we label you a FOB, that means we would send our closest family and friends to you.

Being a FOB means that we trust you and will recommend you. We will refer to you and what you can offer the BootsnAll community in newsletters, emails, and articles. We will invite you to participate in events like #RTWChat and other community projects.

Though we’ve been around for a while, we also understand that we can’t offer everything to everyone, so that’s where FOB comes in. If you’re a company or blogger who aligns with our core values and offers something that we think our community will dig, we will give you unadulterated love.

Who are potential FOB’s?

You must align with our core values and be a believer in the tenets of the Indie Travel Manifesto. Being a large, well-known company or blogger doesn’t mean you make the cut.

To become a FOB, you or your company must love us as well (its a 2-way street!), what we represent, and what we are doing. If you are passionate about long-term travel and believe that every person on the globe should be exposed to it, and you want to help others change their lives through travel, then you’re on your way to becoming a FOB!