How Can I Give Back to BootsnAll?

For years, BootsnAll members, readers, and users have asked us how they can help BootsnAll grow and survive. Many also ask about what BootsnAll is – as a web site, a company, a resource and an online travel community – and who the people behind the site are. So to help answer those questions, and to provide some ideas of how people can help give back to BootsnAll, we present some information as well as a few ways you can help the BootsnAll community grow and stick around.

Who and What is BootsnAll? |  Email the BootLads |  Link to BootsnAll |  Use BootsnAll to Buy What You Need for Traveling |  Tell People About BootsnAll |  Talk to Other People in Our Community |  Subscribe to BootsnAll Newsletters |  Write for Us |  Help Others Learn from Your Experiences

Who and What is BootsnAll?

BootsnAll was founded in 1998 with three guys – Sean, Chris, and Nick. Nick has since moved to Bali, but Sean and Chris are still at the helm of the BootsnAll staff. We’re a virtual office now, with employees all over the globe.

All of us love to travel, and we love opportunities to meet other travelers – which is what BootsnAll is all about. We feel fortunate that we’ve been able to help an online travel community grow and thrive, and that we’ve played a role in fulfilling so many travel dreams over the years. You can read more about BootsnAll if you like, including the company’s timeline. Back to Top

How You Can Give Back

  • Email the Boot-Gang. Our community is what helps us make BootsnAll better, so write to us when you have suggestions. Give us feedback, tell us what you like and don’t like, what you think we should change and add. BootsnAll is what it is because of you, and we know how valuable your insights are. Back to Top
  • Link to BootsnAll. If you have a web site of your own, and would like other people to be able to check out BootsnAll from your site, please go to our “Link to Us” page and grab some banners and text links and whatnot. Back to Top
  • Use BootsnAll to Buy What You Need for Traveling. This ain’t some commercial appeal, just honest truth: we work with great companies to get you good deals on what you need for the road. And, frankly, buying through BootsnAll helps us pay the bills. Clicking one of the following links will get you started on taking care of air tickets, hotels, hostels, rental cars, Eurail passes, travel insurance, round-the-world tickets and itineraries, and even travel books like guidebooks and phrase books. We even have links for other booking sites, if your favorite isn’t BootsnAll. You can visit Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, and Kayak right from BootsnAll. Back to Top
  • Tell People About BootsnAll. Is your best friend planning a round-the-world trip? Does your mom want to fly out to see you for the holidays? Need to put up some friends in a hotel for a weekend? Does someone you know just want travel info, or just really love travel? The way we’ve grown the most over the years is by word-of-mouth, so if you think we’re a worthwhile resource, spread the word to people you think would find us useful. Back to Top
  • Talk to Other People in Our Community. A community thrives and grows because the people in it talk to one another. Did you really like a particular article? Comment on the article or “like” it on Facebook to start a conversation with your friends there. Did you see a question you could answer on our message boards? Please jump into our discussions. See something on the site that could use improving? Drop us a line, and tell us your thoughts. Interact with our community – we think you’ll like it. Back to Top
  • Subscribe to BootsnAll Newsletters. We publish over a dozen different travel newsletters, and you can use them to track ticket deals, keep up with goings-on in the BootsnAll community, get inspired to plan your next trip, and learn about different destinations and such. Learn more about each one – and sign up – on the BootsnAll newsletters page. Oh, and if you’re worried about privacy, our privacy policy is simple: we don’t sell, rent or distribute your email address or personal info. It stays with us, only for your subscription. Period. Back to Top
  • Write for Us. Been thinking about giving travel writing a go? Want to talk about your past travels, the trip you’re on, your travel dreams, or what you’ve learned from your experiences? Katie Hammel is the BootsnAll editor, and she works with everyone from serious professional writers to people who’ve just been on a damn cool trip they want to talk about. You don’t have to be an author big-wig to write for us, you just need a story to tell. Check out our Writers’ Guidelines, and then talk to Katie about sending something in. And if you’re really passionate about a particular place or a style of travel and you want to commit to helping us build a kick-ass guide for it, consider becoming a part of the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform. Back to Top
  • Help Others Learn from Your Experiences. We have special sections set up throughout BootsnAll where travelers recount their experiences on different nuts-and-bolts aspects of traveling. To contribute, you fill out a pretty painless form, send it in, and then we put it online so other travelers can learn from you. You can fill out surveys on:

    Europe Travel & Railpasses
    From when you were planning | After the trip is done


    Round-the-World Trips
    From when you were planning | After the trip is done

    Travel Insurance
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Those are some of the ways you can help out BootsnAll. Thanks for checking us out, for coming back to us again and again, and for helping us grow and improve over the years. With your help, BootsnAll will continue to get better, connect more people, and help more and more travelers around the world. That sounds pretty good to us – and we hope it does to you too. Thanks for being part of our community. Back to Top