Airfare to Douala, Cameroon

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The largest port in Cameroon, Douala is also boasts the most number of people. As a former French colony taken from the Germans after WWI, the offical language is French, although English is also spoken. Most exports leave via Douala. For more information on Douala and Cameroon, check out BootsnAll’s Cameroon Travel Guide.

Finding deals on Douala airfare is easy with our three simple tools. First, you can scan the featured airfares on this page. If you do not find what you are looking for there, try the second tool – the search box on the left. With that search engine you can get results from the major airfare webistes (and some minor ones, too), all with one click. The tickets are relatively restriction-free, but they are not necessarily the cheapest you will find. If you want to keep searching, try the third tool – the search box on the right. With that tool you can get our lowest prices with our consolidator fares – the prices are great, but the tickets do come with restrictions.

Here are a few more tips to help you find cheap airfare to Douala:

  • Douala isn’t the only place to fly into in Cameroon. The capital, Yaounde, could prove to be a cheaper destination, especially if flights are underbooked. To get from Nairobi to Douala, you can grab a spot on a train, bus or flight. Look for cheap flights on no frills airlines. Although it will take longer to reach your destination, a bus or train could save you enough cash to make it worth your while.
  • Look for flights that go through Paris, London, Johannesburg or another major gateway city. Because there are more flights from Paris-Douala than the once-a-week Brussels-Cameroon route, chances are the Paris routes will be cheaper. It is approximately seven hours from Paris to Douala. It is very common to layover in one of these main cities.
  • Consider traveling on a lesser-known carrier. Cameroon Airlines is the national airline and is based in Douala. However, Air France, Air Gabon, British Airways, Kenya Airways and Nigeria Airways also serve Douala.
  • Airfare to Douala will be the cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Mondays are popular with business travellers and weekends are key dates for holidaymakers wanting the longest trips possible – avoid these dates. The most expensive air tickets to Douala are found during peak holiday travel times, such as the New Year. Also be aware of national events or festivals, which can also cause ticket prices to rise.

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