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Lowest Fares From the US to Egypt     (Updated 10 Dec 2015)
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San Francisco to Cairo - $629
Los Angeles to Cairo - $694
Washington DC to Cairo - $696
New York to Cairo - $703
Chicago to Cairo - $770

Deals on Egypt one-way & round-trip departures:

One of the more touristed countries in the Middle East – and Africa – Egypt is an attractive destination for almost any traveler. There are historical monuments and stories of death and intrigue, well-preserved artifacts, surreal floats down the Nile and shopping at extravagant bazaars… All within miles of the capital alone! Top attractions in Egypt include trips down the Nile, ancient ruins and the legendary pyramids, but all of these amazing sights come at a price – Egypt can be a challenge to travel in, especially for Western tourists. For more information on Egypt, check out check out BootsnAll’s Egypt Travel Guide.

EgyptAir is the national airline, although other airlines like Alitalia and Singapore Airlines fly to and from the area. Two of the major international gateways in Egypt are Alexandria and Cairo, the country’s capital, but no matter how you get there, you have to get your airline ticket first. And to help you get exactly what you are looking for, we have two choices right here on this page to help you find airfare to Egypt.

With the search engine on the left, you can search the big name airfare websites (along with lots of other sites you may have never heard of!) with one simple click. You will save time by only entering your travel dates and airports once, and then getting results from places like Priceline, Orbitz, and Expedia (among others). While these tickets are easy to find and buy – you can purchase them right online – and come with few restrictions, they are not the cheapest airline tickets you can buy.

Getting the best deals on airfare to Egypt, if you are talking strictly about price, is going to be easier with the search engine on the right. The tickets quoted here are consolidator fares, the cheapest out there, but they also come with the most restrictions. So if you are flexible with your travel dates and you do not anticipate needing to change anything on your ticket you can save big with our consolidator fares. While you cannot book these tickets online, you can call our toll-free number and speak to a dedicated representative or send an email and one of them will contact you.

Whichever search system you decide to use, here are a few tips to help you find cheap airfare to Egypt:

  • Fly into Tel Aviv, Israel, and catch a connecting flight on one of Africa’s budget carriers.
  • Travel overland via bus or train from another nearby airport.
  • Depart on midweek low-volume travel days.

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