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Madagascar gained its independence from France in 1960 and is the fourth-largest island in the world. It is known for its array of plant and animal life, most of which is native only to Madagascar. Slightly more than half of the country’s residents practice indigenous religious beliefs.

Top attractions in Madagascar include beaches, biodiversity – such as the cute lemurs – and its capital city, Antananarivo (which is also the main point of entry for international travelers). The flora and fauna found on this island are certainly two of its main tourist attractions, but that does not mean that Madagascar is free from environmental threats. In order to preserve what is left, there are a few nature reserves set up where you can get a look at what the island was like before deforestation became a problem. For more information on Madagascar, check out check out BootsnAll’s Madagascar Travel Guide. Air Madagascar is the national airline, although other airlines like Air France fly to and from the area.

We have two ways to get great deals on airfare to Madagascar right on this page. By using the search engine on the left, you can save time by plugging your travel information (such as airports and travel dates) into the boxes once – and getting results from many of the top names in airfare websites with just one click. The tickets are available for immediate purchase, and generally have very few restrictions attached to them. They are typically not, however, the tickets with the lowest prices.

By using the search engine on the right instead, you can get access to some of the lowest airfares out there – these are our consolidator fares, and the prices are excellent. These tickets do come with restrictions, however, so they are best suited to people who can be flexible with their travel dates and who will not need to make changes to their itinerary. In order to purchase these tickets, you will need to call our toll-free number and speak with one of our dedicated represntatives – or you can send your travel information via email and one of them will contact you.

Whichever search you choose, here are a few tips to help you find cheaper airfare to Madagascar:

  • Fly into Maputo, Mozambique and catch a connecting flight on one of Africa’s budget carriers.
  • Depart on midweek low-volume travel days.

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