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A country that is almost half comprised of desert, Tunisia is a more advanced north Africa nation. Ruled by a single political party, Tunisia will become an associated member of the EU in 2008. Top attractions in Tunisia include the ‘Gateway to the Sahara,’ Douz, cave dwellings (and site of Star Wars filming) in Matmata and climbing Jugurtha’s Table. For more information on Tunisia, check out check out BootsnAll’s Tunisia Travel Guide.

Tunisia’s capital city, Tunis, is also its largest city and the country’s primary international gateway. Tunis Air is the national airline, although other airlines like Lufthansa fly to and from the area. Whatever airport you fly into or airline you use, we can help you get there with money left over when you use one of our airfare search engines on this page.

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Whichever search tool you choose, here are a few tips to help you find cheaper airfare to Tunisia:

  • Fly into Algiers, Algeria, and catch a connecting flight on one of Africa’s budget carriers.
  • Travel overland via bus or train from a nearby airport.
  • Depart on midweek low-volume travel days.

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