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Lowest Fares From the US to South Korea     (Updated 20 Oct 2014)
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San Francisco to Seoul - $702
Honolulu to Seoul - $729
Seattle to Seoul - $834
Los Angeles to Seoul - $841
Chicago to Seoul - $902

New York to Seoul - $902

Deals on South Korea one-way & round-trip departures:

Although often times referred to as just Korea, or South Korea, the country is actually known as Republic of Korea, containing one of the world’s largest cities, Seoul, a number of ports and various attractions including a city with walled fortresses, numerous schools of martial arts and exciting nightlife.

Korean Air is the national airline, although other low-cost budget airlines like Jeju Air and Cebu Pacific Air fly to and from the area.

Top attractions in South Korea include the DMZ line – or at least, learning about it, sampling the tasty cuisine, especially seafood, and touring Seoul, the capital city. For more information on South Korea, check out check out BootsnAll’s South Korea Travel Guide.

For cheaper tickets to South Korea, consider the following:

  • Fly into Tokyo, Japan, and catch a connecting flight on one of Asia’s budget carriers.
  • Travel overland via bus, ferry or train through N. Korea (if possible) or Japan.
  • Depart on midweek low-volume travel days.

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