Airfare to Anguilla

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This tiny island is not one of the easiest to reach from the United States, so it can be challenging to find discount airfare to Anguilla. American Airlines is the only carrier that flies scheduled service into the country’s only international airport – Wallblake (code: AXA), and that is on their American Eagle subsidiary and only through Puerto Rico.

As long as you are leaving from one of the many cities that American flies non-stop into Puerto Rico from, you can usually reach Anguilla with only that one stopover. You can usually begin your journey on another airline to Puerto Rico and complete your flight to Anguilla on American Eagle, but prices tend to be similar on all of them.

Saving money on your Anguilla airfare

The peak season in Anguilla is from Christmas to early January, and the high season continues through the end of March. If you can go before Christmas or in April you can still get the great weather, but with lower airfare.

Airfare to Anguilla usually starts at the same price, but the weekend flights fill up first. If you are finding super high prices you should be able to save money by switching to Tuesday or Wednesday flights.

An alternative to reach Anguilla

It’s far easier to get discount airfare into St. Maarten, which is extremely close to Anguilla. You can usually save a couple hundred dollars on your airfare to that island, and then fly Winair in only 8 minutes to Anguilla for around $75, or take one of the frequent ferry services for far less.

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