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Discount airfare to Antigua is usually not too difficult to find. The small island that is a country coupled with nearby Barbuda only has service from a few airlines, so it’s surprising that airfare to Antigua isn’tt much higher. The international airport is located in the island’s only city – Saint John’s (code: ANU), and the two main existing services from North America help keep Antigua airfare reasonable.

Which airlines have flights into Antigua?

Starting in the United States or Canada you have two main options. American Airlines has commuter service through their Puerto Rico hub several times per day, and most major cities have nonstop flights to Puerto Rico on American Airlines, so only one stop is usually required. VC Bird International has flights to and from Antigua, with the most common connection being through Newark. You can usually book flights to Antigua on any airline that flies to Newark, but the final leg will be on VC Bird International.

From Europe, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly into Antigua from London, and Condor flies from Frankfurt.

Saving money on your flight into Antigua

The peak season throughout the Caribbean is during the weeks around Christmas and New Years. If you want to fly to Antigua then it’s best to book well in advance. The high season continues through March, so if you can go earlier in December or in April it’s usually easier to find cheap flights to Antigua.

Weekend flights to Antigua are in the highest demand, so usually prices on those go up first. Especially if you are looking to go fairly soon, you can usually save money on your airfare by flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

An alternative to Antigua flights

St. Maarten is not too far from Antigua, and flights there can sometimes be cheaper. You can fly into St. Maarten and then fly to Antigua on Winair for about $80 each way. If direct Antigua prices are looking outrageous, this can be worth a look.

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