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Lowest Daily Fares From the US to Aruba     (Updated 10 Dec 2015)

Discount airfare to Aruba is fairly easy to find as long as you begin your search early enough. This small Dutch island just off the coast of South America has its only international airport in the capital of Oranjestad. Queen Beatrix International Airport (code: AUA) no longer has a national airline operating there, but it’s a popular destination for many US and other international airlines.

Which airlines have flights to Aruba?

American Airlines often has cheap flights to Aruba through both their New York City and Miami hubs. Continental, Delta, United, and US Airways all have regular flights to Aruba through their main American hubs, so it’s easy to reach the island with no more than one stop along the way. Air Canada flies to Aruba from Toronto, and both KLM and Martinair have frequent flights to Aruba through their Amsterdam hubs, so all of Europe is also only one stop or less away as well.

JetBlue Airways is the first American discount airline with flights to Aruba through its New York hub. If you don’t see discount airfare to Aruba through the major airlines you can always check JetBlue if a New York connection doesn’t make for too long a journey from where you start. They aren’t necessarily cheaper than the major airlines to Aruba, but you can usually get a good deal on a JetBlue flight connecting through New York, even in high season.

Saving money on your flight to Aruba

High season in Aruba is from Christmas through the end of March, so if you can go just before or after that you’ll get great weather and usually a lower fare. Book as early as possible since fares to this island usually don’t go down over timeFly on a Tuesday or Wednesday if you can. If you book early enough you can usually get weekend flights for the same price, but those prices have gone up you can often still get midweek discount airfare.

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