Airfare to Bahamas

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Being one of the larger island chains and also being close to the United States makes it relatively easy to get discount airfare into the Bahamas. Many US and international airlines fly into the major airport in the islands’ capital of Nassau (code: NAS), although most of them connect in a southeastern US city so it’s hard to find nonstop flights.

Which airlines have flights to the Bahamas?

American Airlines often has the cheapest flights to the Bahamas, and most of those connect through their hub in Ft. Lauderdale. Many other airlines, including Continental, Delta, Northwest, and United also have flights to the Bahamas, and many of them also connect through Ft. Lauderdale, though a few connect through Atlanta and Charlotte as well.

JetBlue Airways is the only official US discount airline with flights into the Bahamas, but they only do so through JFK in New York and the airfare can be far more than the non-discount airlines.

Other airports in the Bahamas

Freeport in the Grand Bahamas Island also has international flights. Airfare to this smaller airport can be quite similar as airfare into Nassau, so if that is your final destination you are in luck. American has flights into Freeport (code: FPO) through Miami, Continental has flights into Freeport through Ft. Lauderdale, and Delta has flights to Freeport through Atlanta, sometimes for even less than into Nassau.

Saving money on your flight to the Bahamas

Peak season in the Bahamas is around Christmas and New Years, so if that is your idea as well you should book as early as possible. High season lasts all the way through March, so going in early December and in April is another way to get discount airfare into the Bahamas. Weekend flights fill up fastest, so if you have any flexibility you should try flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the lowest airfare.

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