Airfare to Dominica

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Due to its remoteness and lack of major tourist infrastructure, it can be almost impossible to find discount airfare into Dominica. Melville Hall (code: DOM) is the major airport on the small island, but it’s not large enough for jets so the only flights to the island are on small planes from other nearby islands.

Which airlines have flights to Dominica?

Airfare to Dominica can be among the highest in all of the Caribbean due to the difficulty getting there. You normally have to fly into Antigua first to get a flight to Dominica on Liat, the small Caribbean airline. Unfortunately you usually need two flights just to get to Antigua, usually through Puerto Rico, although there are some flights directly from Newark.

Saving money on your flight to Dominica

This is very difficult since there are usually so many connections involved. Booking as early as possible is the best advice, especially if you are planning to come between the peak Christmas and New Years weeks. Flying in early December or in April can lead to a lower airfare to Dominica, but not by much. This is just an expensive place to reach.

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