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Being a popular year-round destination, it can be pretty easy to find discount airfare to Jamaica. The country has two large international airports that are each served my many large airlines. Most resort tourists head directly to Montego Bay and its Sangster International Airport (code: MJB), while people coming more to check out the fascinating Jamaican culture tend to go to Norman Manley International Airport (code: KIN) near the capital of Kingston.

Montego Bay is the busier of the two for international flights, and prices tend to be lower as well, but the difference is rarely too much so if you are heading closer to the populated southeastern section of the island, then flying directly into Kingston makes sense.

Which airlines have flights to Jamaica?

American Airlines has frequent flights into Montego Bay, mostly from their Miami hub. They often have the lowest prices as well, but they all tend to be close. Continental flies into Montego Bay from Houston, and US Airways serves the airport through Charlotte. A few other US carries also have flights to the resort area from different cities, so it’s usually quite easy to find some good discount airfare.

Kingston is a bit trickier, but American Airlines dominates there as well. They have frequent flights from Miami, but several other airlines also fly into Kingston. You can also book with a US airline and end up flying the last leg to Jamaica on Air Jamaica for about the same price.

From Europe, British Airways flies from London to Kingston, and quite a few different carriers fly from other parts of Europe into Montego Bay, including many discount airlines.

Saving money on your flight to Jamaica

The island gets tourists all year, but winter is definitely peak season, particularly for Montego Bay and its resorts. Christmas and New Years are the peak times, so book well in advance if you want to visit then. Early December and April usually also combine nice weather with lower airfare prices, and if you are coming in the near future you’ll get the cheapest airfare by booking midweek, namely Tuesday and Wednesdays.

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