Airfare to Montserrat

Include Hotels for the Best Deals

It can be very difficult to get discount airfare to Montserrat. Since the former capital of Plymouth was mostly abandoned after a 1989 earthquake and the 1995 hurricane finished the place off, the tourism industry hasn’t recovered. The main airport is Gerald’s Airport (which still retains the code of MNI from the destroyed airport to the south), and it doesn’t have any long-haul flights.

Which airlines have flights to Montserrat?

At the moment only three airlines fly into the country and all are small local carriers. They only fly from Antigua and St. Maarten, but you can actually book your entire journey on Delta, Continental, American, or a few other major US carriers, including the final jump to Montserrat itself.

From Europe you can fly into Antigua or St. Maarten from London or Amsterdam and then hop to Martinique, with the same deal as above, with the overseas airline booking your entire journey.

Saving money on your flight to Montserrat

This isn’t easy since there are so few options. Considering how difficult it is to get to the country, the airfare tends not to be too bad. Flying midweek can save you money if you are coming on short notice, but in general the best advice is to book early, since these airfares tend to just keep going up as the flights draw near.

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