Airfare to St. Eustatius

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Considering its size and remoteness, it can be fairly easy to find discount airfare into St. Eustatius. The small Dutch island has its main entry point of F D Roosevelt (code: EUX) near the regional capital of Oranjestad, but it doesn’t have any long-distance traffic.

Which airlines have flights to St. Eustatius?

The only major airline to fly all the way into St. Eustatius is US Airways, but they do so only from the nearby island of St. Maarten, and they often aren’t the cheapest. You can book yourself on many different airlines into St. Maarten, including your short flight into St. Eustatius, which will be on the local airline called Winair. Many different airlines fly into St. Maarten including Delta, Continental, and American, and these often have the lowest airfares.

From Europe you can fly into St. Maarten from Amsterdam or London, and then into St. Eustatius on Winair, all as part of the same airfare.

Saving money on your flight to St. Eustatius

The peak season in the entire region is the weeks around Christmas and New Years, so booking that as early as possible is your best bet. If you have flexibility, the coming in early December or in April can lead to lower airfare. If you are coming on short notice your best bet is to check flights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as the weekend flights tend to book up first.

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