Airfare to Trinidad & Tobago

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In spite of the country’s remoteness, it can be fairly easy to find discount airfare into Trinidad & Tobago. The main entry point is Piarco International Airport (code: POS) on Trinidad, about 25 km outside of the capital city of Port of Spain. There is a smaller airport on Tobago called Crown Point Airport (code: TAB), and that has quite a bit of direct traffic from Europe and local islands, but not much from North America.

Which airlines have flights to Trinidad & Tobago?

American Airlines has the most flights, with some coming from their Miami hub and others coming through their busy Puerto Rico hub on their American Eagle subsidiary. Delta flies to Trinidad through their Atlanta hub, and Continental does so through Houston, and other airlines have less frequent service as well. American Airlines is often the best source of discount airfare since they have the most flights.

Saving money on your flight to Trinidad & Tobago

The peak season for travel to the region is during Christmas and New Years, but these islands get year-round visitors so the difference isn’t as dramatic. Early December and April tend to have lower airfares than January through March, but booking early is usually your best bet any time of the year. If you are coming on short notice you should try Tuesday or Wednesday, since weekend flights tend to sell out first.

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