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We have airfares to every single international European Airport as you can see from this extensive list of countries and European Cities below. So please browse through the list below or just head straight to our Airfare Search Engine and get started in typical search engine fashion. Cheers!

Here are a few tips to help you find a cheap airfare to Europe:

  • Consider flying into European hubs like London and Paris. There is a lot more competition going to those cities, and frequently better deals to them from other continents. Get a Eurail Pass and see the continent from there.
  • Consider leaving on a tuesday. Do you have a flexible schedule? Check different dates to see how it affects the price. One day can make a difference.
  • If you do make it to a European hub city, use some low cost Euro airlines to fly around Europe. Flights as low as 1 pound per flight do exist! Be prepared to pay for to travel to the outskirts of cities and to pay for EVERYTHING else (water, food, bathroom) since the flight is so cheap.

Major European Hubs:
London | Paris | Rome | Frankfurt | Madrid | Istanbul | Moscow | Amsterdam

More European Cities

Austria, Vienna
Belgium, Antwerp
Belgium, Brussels
Bulgaria, Sofia
Croatia, Zagreb
Cyprus, Larnaca
Czech Republic, Prague
Denmark, Copenhagen
England, Liverpool
England, Manchester
Estonia, Tallinn
Finland, Helsinki
France, Nice
Germany, Berlin
Germany, Munich
Greece, Athens
Hungary, Budapest
Iceland, Reykjavik
Ireland, Dublin
Ireland, Shannon
Italy, Florence
Italy, Milan
Italy, Venice
Latvia, Riga
Lithuania, Vilnius
Malta, Valletta
Northern Ireland, Belfast
Norway, Oslo
Poland, Krakow
Poland, Warsaw
Portugal, Lisbon
Romania, Bucharest
Russia, St. Petersburg
Russia, Vladivostok
Scotland, Edinburgh
Scotland, Glasgow
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Spain, Barcelona
Spain, Malaga
Sweden, Stockholm
Switzerland, Bern
Switzerland, Geneva
Switzerland, Lausanne
Switzerland, Zurich
Ukraine, Kiev
Wales, Cardiff
European Countries

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