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Belarus is not one of the countries that immediately spring to mind when a traveler begins planning for a trip to Europe, but to those who visit and love this landlocked nation, that is one of its benefits. Off the well-worn paths of the European tourist, there are real travel gems to be discovered here. The castles at Mir and Nesvizh and the bustling capital of Minsk are well worth a visit. If you’re ready to start planning your trip to Belarus, use the form above to look for the best fares from around the
web. Otherwise, read on for some helpful tips on finding the best fares.

International Flights into Belarus

The main international airport in Belarus is Minsk International Airport, still known locally by its old name “Minsk-2”. There are direct flights from Europe’s major hubs as well as many smaller departure points, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Direct flights to Minsk International are available from: Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, London (Gatwick), Milan, Moscow, Paris (CDG), Rome, and most of the capital cities of Eastern Europe.

Connecting Flights to Belarus

Travelers from outside of Europe wanting to see Belarus will need to get a connection at one of the larger European hubs. Trips beginning in the United States often fly through Warsaw or Moscow, depending on their departure city. The most popular connecting routes are New York to Moscow and Chicago to Warsaw, so consider a stay in one of those great cities on your way.

From Asia, Africa and the rest of the world, just about all connecting flights to Belarus go through Moscow.

Airlines That Fly to Belarus

The national airline of Belarus is Belavia, and their many routes throughout Europe dominate the traffic of Minsk International. The rest of the flights into and out of Minsk are other national and regional airlines, such as Aeroflot (Moscow), Austrian Airlines (Vienna), Czech Airlines (Prague) and Lufthansa (Frankfurt). International travelers taking connecting flights are most likely to fly on either Aeroflot or LOT Polish Airways.

More Cheap Airfare Tips

Like most locations around the world, it is cheaper to fly to Belarus on a weekday, rather than the weekend, and you’ll probably find the cheapest rates on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Take advantage of the connecting flights to see another great European city, and plan to spend at least a few days in
the stopover cities to get maximum travel value out of the trip.

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