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Lowest Daily Fares From the US to Stuttgart     (Updated 10 Dec 2015)

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany and is most famous for its automotive industry as both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have their headquarters here. The inner city can be easily tackled on foot and it will be a relaxing experience. Aside from visiting the many museums, you can also spend some time at the Planetarium and the Zoo, especially if you travel with kids. There are several spots in the city which offer excellent scenic views. The churches and squares add to the unique feel of the city.

Airfare to Stuttgart will typically be cheaper if you fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Hence you’ll avoid the traffic rush on Monday caused by business travelers and the busy weekends due to the leisure travelers. Don’t be afraid to fly early in the morning or late at night.

Stuttgart is an important hub for the German low-cost carriers so there are plenty of cheap flights available both from other European cities and from other German cities. Consider flying into Berlin and then travel to Stuttgart by plane, train or bus. Likewise, fly into large European hubs, such as London or Amsterdam, which offer plenty of cheap connections to Stuttgart.

It may be possible to save money if you fly on lesser-known airlines rather than choosing the national carrier, Lufthansa. No frills European airlines such as Air Berlin or Germanwings also fly here.

Airfare is usually more expensive during the peak travel seasons: the summer (July and August), Christmas, and Easter. Also, various festivals and events raise the airfare. So , plan your vacation in Stuttgart during the low-season; March and September are good choices for a city break.

Summary of Money Saving Tips:

  • fly mid-week
  • plan to visit the city during the low-season or shoulder season (March and September)
  • fly to major European or German hubs and choose a connecting low-cost flight for the last leg of the trip
  • choose lesser-known airlines rather than the national carrier

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